Common Grocery Store Supplies to Include in a Survival Kit

Published: 04th June 2010
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With one simple trip to the grocery store you can find plenty of great items to keep your family safe in the event of an emergency. To help anyone looking to put together a survival pack in a hurry, check out the following list of items available at most grocery stores that can be included in your family's survival kit.

Peanut Butter
High in energy, and with a shelf life of up to two years, peanut butter makes for a great item to include in an emergency kit. As with any items you purchase for your survival kit, you should always check the expiration dates every year or so to ensure nothing needs replacing.

Nearly every grocery has a small hardware section that will contain a couple of useful emergency items such as a flashlight or duct tape. Just keep in mind that if you buy a flashlight at the grocery store then you will need to rely on batteries to power it.

Duct Tape
Duct tape is another great survival supply that can be found at most grocery stores. In an emergency duct tape can be used for all types of creative tasks such as creating a shelter, or making a bowl for food or water. Duct tape is waterproof and will easily fit into a homemade emergency survival kit.

Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Canned food products always make great additions to an emergency kit. It is a good idea to get cans with pull-tabs so that you do not have carry around a can opener. Alternatively, if you have time to prepare a kit then you might want to order emergency energy bars that can provide a balanced minimum daily diet, and at only $3.50 for a pack of six they are relatively cheap compared to canned foods.

Canned Heat & Matches
To cook or warm up meals, you should consider buying an emergency heat source such as Sterno canned heat. You should also pickup a set of matches to light the jellied fuel.

Water Supplies
Water is an essential emergency item, and can be used for everything from cooking food to cleaning wounds. If you have room in your kit, you should include at least a gallon or two of water.

Small Water Cooler
As you are collecting items for your kit, you may begin to wonder where you are going to store them. A small water cooler is a great choice, as they are usually waterproof and feature a handle for easy transportation. Other options would be a waterproofed backpack or bucket, but they may be difficult to find in the grocery store.

Plastic Bags
Plastic grocery store bags are the last item on our list, and can usually be obtained at a grocery store for free. These lightweight bags can be very useful in emergencies and you should try to keep at least a dozen in your emergency kit.

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